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The INPLANT® Funnel was designed by a leading plastic surgeon who set out on a mission to deliver a superior product at an affordable price. By lowering the cost to surgeons and patients, we want to encourage more surgeons to experience funnel-based procedures because it truly is a more efficient and surgeon-friendly process.

Introducing a new implant funnel that’s simply BETTER.

More features for half the price.

Easy-Burst Pouch

Sterile Closed System for Coating

Activation by burst pouch.


GlideTrack makes it easier for insertion through the surgical incision. The patent pending design prevents upside-down implant delivery.


Made without harmful chemicals.

Lubricious Coating

This special coating reduces friction on insertion.

Smooth Handling

Thinner material but equally strong.

The difference is clear.

See what makes iNPLANT® better:

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