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Terri Welty

Product Specialist

Terri, a Texas native, grew up in West Texas and is a graduate of Texas Tech.  I started my medical sales career in 2001.  Prior to that, I had been selling to the banking industry for 15 years.  When I am asked which is more challenging, doctors or bankers, I have been known to answer . . . “Yes”. 


I have spent the last 18 years selling in both the OR environment and also into medical offices, which makes the job at AAI a perfect blend.


One day, one of my hospitals called me "T-Stat Terri" and now that's the nickname that has stuck with the rest of my teammates.  I  feel very blessed to be a part of the AAI family.  Everyone on the team believes that the customer comes first, and it's how we all conduct our business.


I have two amazing grown children and a wonderful daughter-in-law.  In my spare time I love to travel.

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Chad Rhoeling

Product Specialist

I was born and raised in Fort Bend County. I graduated from Sam Houston State University with a degree in Kinesiology, with an emphasis in Cardiac Rehab. I completed an internship at Methodist Hospital in the Med Center.


I began my aesthetic career in 1999 with Medical Alliance where I became the Operations Manager for South Texas and Louisiana. From there, I became one of the original team members of AAI. I have been fortunate enough to have grown with the company. With AAI, I
primarily focus on fat grafting, T-Stat and Bellus Medical. I enjoy being in the surgical environment and providing training and support to doctors and staff.

I’m a husband to my beautiful and talented wife, Carrie. We have two beautiful children, Carter (11) and Chaise (9) along with a dog, Rocky and cat, Twinkle. We enjoy spending time
playing sports including baseball, softball and cheer.

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Keith Mefford

Product Specialist

The old saying, “I may not have been born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could!” applies to Keith.  Keith was born in Peoria, Illinois but his family relocated to Texas prior to him beginning school.  He graduated from Needville High in 1997, then moved to Austin to attend college at the University of Texas, where he studied mathematics and chemistry.  


Keith sold advertising for The Daily Texan, UT’s school newspaper, until his love of music lead him to work at Tower Records on the drag by UT campus where he worked his way up to Employee Development Manager. After Tower Records closed their doors for good, he went on to work in property preservation at Field Asset Services during the housing crisis where their primary objective was to get homes market ready so they could be resold after going through foreclosure.  He moved back to the Houston area to be closer to family in 2012 and began his career in Aesthetics with AAI shortly thereafter.


Keith heads up the laser delivery department of AAI.  He enjoys working with doctors, nurses, estheticians, and staff members of numerous offices in southeast Texas on a regular basis.  He assists staff during laser procedures and having numerous offices to work with allows him to learn and share various treatment parameters and techniques that allow for optimal patient outcomes. He also provides support for the other products that AAI offers, including Bellus Medical, VI Aesthetics, and Healeon Medical.


Keith is Houston’s most eligible bachelor, having never been married and having no kids while having what most would consider to be above average looks.  He enjoys spending time with his nieces, Chaise and Campbell; and nephews, Carter and Miles, and seeing them grow up participating in gymnastics, cheer, and baseball among many other activities.  In his free time, he enjoys visiting local breweries to sample their wares, playing bass guitar, and rooting for the Astros, Rockets, and Texans.

Cheers!  Thank You For Your Business!