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Healeon Medical HD PRP System


Healeon's HD PRP™ provides the clinician with a platform to process and capture optimal platelet concentrates with high density platelet-rich plasma offering a variety of options and volumes.  Healeon HD PRP™ features an array of sizes and accessories, including 15 and 30 cc vacutainers, capable of producing a more potent PRP in denser variable concentrations and volumes, suitable for any application where PRP is indicated.





The key to the Healeon HD PRP™ Concentrating System is the new separating gel.  The gel is specially designed to greatly improve the collection of the cell concentrate buffy coat layer.  This provides the highest yield among "gel separator" systems - recovering 85+% of platelets.


The separator gel removes white and red blood cells and helps minimize bruising and reduces painful stinging when injected.


Suspended Plasma & Gel Buffy Coat



  • Simple:  Just three easy steps from preparation to finished product

  • Cost Effective:  Best PRP Value per mL

  • Flexibility:  Offering a broad range of sizes (12-30mL)

  • Patient Comfort:  Gel separator helps created a more comfortable PRP product with less stinging

  • Get 5mL-15mL of PRP with high concentrations of regenerative cells in a SINGLE 10 MINUTE SPIN

  • Excellent PRP Yields: 

    • 15mL yielding approx. 7mL up to 2.3 times baseline concentration                                        

    • 30mL yielding approx. 5mL up to 4.1 times baseline concentration

  • Consistency & Predictability:  Produce the right concentrations every time


Healeon Autologous Cellular Matrix  (ACM)™

Keep your procedures 100% AUTOLOGOUS with Healeon Medical's ACM™ System.


The Healeon Autologous Cellular Matrix (ACM)™ is a proprietary (patent-pending) device designed to uniformly size harvested tissue into tissue that is easily injected with a 27g to 30g needle.


A proprietary, single-use cartridge, housed in the ACM™, easily micronizes adipose tissue to 400 microns.





  •  Emulsify harvested tissue in seconds

  •  Maintain cell viability & adipose cell structure

Healeon Bio-Cellular Transfer Kits

Healeon Medical’s Bio-Cellular Transfer System is a comprehensive kit for practitioners interested in regenerative medicine bio-cellular applications.  The Bio-Cellular Transfer System utilizes state-of-the-art products and protocols for autologous point-of-care fat graft and bio-cellular composite preparation.  This complete system provides all of the required devices and procedural steps to satisfy your patient's needs in your office or clinical setting.


Bio-Cellular Transfer System Includes:


  • CENTRIcyte™200

  • Healeon ACM Starter Kit

  • CENTRIkits - Specimen container with sterile transfer and cap

  • Healeon Harvest Kits

  • Healeon PRP

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