AqueCool Rapid Recovery System is the newest in patient care technology - helps to accelerate recovery in 3 Easy Steps!

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Aqueduct Medical, Inc. is focused on developing safe, effective, user-friendly products that improve patient recovery from facial and cosmetic surgical procedures by addressing pain, swelling, bruising, and downtime.

Our current products, the AqueCool Controlled Cooling System™ and AqueCool Masques™, are specifically designed for cosmetic surgery patients for use in the 1-2 weeks after their procedures.

The Three Easy Steps to providing patient comfort and healing are:

Step 1 - Pre-Op


AqueCool System will be delivered directly to patient's home or the surgery center 1-2 days before their procedure.

Step 2 - Day of Surgery


Surgeon fits the comfortable AqueCool Masque on patient after the procedure. Utilize the AqueCool while in the recovery room for immediate relief and acceleration of the healing process.

Step 3- Rapid Recovery at Home


Patient returns home with the AqueCool Masque to continue the soothing wound healing therapy with the home rental device. When finished with the System, simply call FEDEX for pickup.

AqueCoolThe Most Advanced Patient Post-Op Care

The AqueCool Controlled Cooling System™ is the most advanced post-operative recovery system available to facial plastic surgical patients.  Read more


Approved and recommended by some of the world’s leading plastic surgeons, the AqueVest™ is a MUST HAVE for anyone wanting to minimize downtime, pain, swelling, and bruising after surgery of the breasts.  Read more

AqueCool Facial Masks: 

This Masque provides compression and cooling to the upper face. Internal formable splinting provides a custom fit to each patient over the nose and under eyes.  Read more