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The ALMI Difference!

ALMI™ (Autologous Micronized Injection) is a revolutionary rejuvenation procedure using the patient's own tissues to restore volume, texture and tone for face, hands, neck and décolleté.  It is also extremely efficacious in hair restoration for individuals with thinning hair or balding hair, and is being used to restore sexual health in men and women.

ALMI™ is different than traditional injectables, which do not offer the capability of tissue regeneration and repair. Instead, ALMI™ is a minimally invasive procedure that has a long-lasting effect without the worry of potential side effects. And, it is not limited to the amount of vials a patient is willing to pay for - because you are harvesting the tissue, you and the patient determine how much is needed for the desired outcomes.  It is turning the industry upside-down and changing patient’s lives for the better.  And patients are requesting ALMI™ from their physicians!


The procedure is done right in your treatment room, in about an hour, and offers the patient little to no downtime, and results are often seen immediately (except for hair restoration, which depends on the growth cycle of hair follicles). 

ALMI utilizes adipose cells (fat) and their stem and stromal cell components, along with platelet concentrates, which are then carefully placed directly into targeted tissues. These cells are unique because they have the potential to develop into many different types of cells and seek out areas of injury that need renewal or restoration.

By inserting the cells into the affected area, this amplifies the body's healing capabilities for more efficient repair/regeneration of the tissue. Depending on where the tissue and cells are inserted, the ALMI procedure has been proven to spark hair re-growth, rejuvenate collagen, provide structural support for volume loss, help improve a variety of health conditions. 

If You Are Interested in Growing Your Practice With Regenerative, Bio-Cellular Medicine, ALMI is Perfect For You!  Let Us Show You How!

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