Founded in 2002, Advanced Ambulatory, Inc. (AAI) has grown from a small, privately held Texas-based company providing the most basic of surgical services and medical devices to carrying a line of the most prestigious and cutting edge medical products & devices.  Though the groups’s primary focus is Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, our supported specialties range far beyond to include dermatology, OB/GYN, hair restoration, pain management orthopedics & even regenerative medicine.

We pride ourselves on forming close relationships with our physicians and staff, and get to know how their practices work, and what their needs are – We are there from demonstration to sale, from sale to delivery, from delivery to education  and training AND beyond.  Many of our customers have been just that for more than 15 years, and today are also our friends.  We not only want to sell the physician that leading innovative device, but have them become skilled experts who then can lead their peers to us, and these innovative devices!  


Our team is comprised of sales representatives who know their stuff - have surgical experience. They know the area they are servicing and the ins and outs of their field.  Our in-house staff is responsive, talented and provide the know-how and can-do attitudes to make sure the most important people - our customers, are well taken care of.  Whether you are purchasing the most basic device or highly technical, multi-platform capital purchase, know that the team at AAI is here for you, every step of the way.

AAI Team