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Medical compression body shapers are made with high-quality materials that can apply pressure to the body.

Compression garments involve a level of pressure that directly affect the healing of your incision sites and blood flow. It compresses the layers of the skin to heal together.


ContourMD® compression garments are specifically designed to add external pressure to the areas of your body where incisions were made, and can even be individually customized to fit drainage tubes.


ContourMD® compression garments are designed with high-quality materials that conform to the patients contours.

The idea of the garment is to assist in closing the space(s) that are created during surgery. When there’s elevation and forging connections in the skin and muscle, you want them to properly heal in the right position. ContourMD® compression garments close these spaces with gentle, constant pressure, and help tissues heal together by keeping everything in proper place.

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What is a Body Shaper Compression Garment?

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