AAI Healthcare is a Texas-based healthcare company that provides leading innovative products, technologies and services to the Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, Aesthetic & OB/Gyn Marketplace.

At AAI Healthcare, our services division encompasses Outpatient Surgical Services delivered directly to the patient as well as Aesthetic Elective Services, and educational training and support for select medical devices and equipment.
AAIHealthcare.com is the leading distributor in the region of surgical devices and skincare products across these specialties, designed to enhance the surgical experience and improve patient outcomes.  We provide everything for the discriminating practitioner ranging from Aesthetic and Cosmetic procedures to OB/GYN, Dermatology, Orthopedics, Regenerative and General Surgical treatments and applications.

Our Partners Represent the Very Best, Most Innovative Medical Devices, Products & Services



Reduce post-operative swelling & Bruising AND shorten patient recovery up to 50% with Aqueduct Controlled Cooling Technology. Our patient friendly program will keep facial surgery patients comfortable and heal faster.


The All-Natural Rejuvenation solution for your patient, that uses the patient's own tissues to restore, renew and rejuvenate face, hair, hands and sexual wellness, in about an hour, and without "counting" syringes of filler!


ProGen PRP Advantage, the gold standard in platelet-rich plasma, offering the most comprehensive PRP platform available.  SkinPen Precision, the only FDA-approved microneedling device, accelerates the repair process by creating microscopic channels. New collagen and elastin production can reverse years of sun damage, improve acne scars and enhance the overall appearance of aging skin.  Allumera is offers your patients the brilliance of beautiful skin with it's light-activated photo dynamic cosmetic cream.


Healeon Medical is paving the way for regenerative solutions by providing innovative medical devices, clinical expertise and support for autologous living tissue point-of-care treatments, including the new LTM platform of safe, closed-loop and versatile tissue sizing.


AAI also serves as the training arm for the CENTRIcyte 1000, providing comprehensive training and follow through to thoroughly prepare the clinician for the best outcomes and use of the device, from purchase to delivery to hands-on education and support.


The OPB Lighted Retractor is changing the way you think about and use retractors!  Long-life batteries and a brilliant LED light output allow you to use the retractor, then dispose of it.  Lightweight, multiple sizes for a variety of uses from aesthetic to gynecologic, and every surgical procedure in between.  And the new LX line features smoke evacuation.


Phase One is a skin and wound microbiocidal cleanser containing pure, stabilized hypochlorous acid with broad spectrum activity used for irrigation and cleansing in all surgical and medical settings.


Marena medical grade post-surgical compression garments for men and women, and anti-bacterial face masks.


Have you begun Fat Grafting yet? Improve your results by removing 97% of the the tissue waste other surgeons re-inject. Puregraft blows the gold standard of centrifuge away with twice the retention.


AAI aims to bring laser technology to your office without the need for purchase of expensive equipment.  We supply lasers from various manufacturers, Cynosure, Sciton, Syneron, and Palomar, to provide the safest and most effective treatments for hair reduction, spider vein treatment, laser tattoo removal, photo-rejuvenation, laser resurfacing, and others. 


A cost effective pre-measured transparent sleeve fabricated of medical grade phthalate-free PVC film coated with a special lubricant that minimizes skin contact of breast (and other) implants during insertion.


T-Stat white light tissue oximeter continuously monitors StO2% at a microvascular level, just a few millimeters deep within the capillary bed, providing a better understanding of how much oxygen the tissue is actually using and whether or not there is a threatening occlusion that is not yet visible to the eye or detected by other monitoring methods.


VI Peel, the first chemical peel that synergistically combined major acids in a pain free formulation; and launched the next generation of chemical peels. Each new peel formulation is a revolutionary innovation.  And introducing VI DERM Beauty - the breakthrough in scientifically engineered skin care to remove/reduce pigment on all skin types.

"We have been working with AAI for over seven years, and we are always treated as if we were their most important client.  Their product selection and support after the sale set them apart in a very competitive market.”

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